All sizes for Werner Kern are equivalent to English, ie Ladies deduct 2.5 sizes from your NZ multiple fit size for closed-in style, 3 sizes smaller for open toed styles.  Men’s sizes are mostly equivalent to NZ sizes.  Size can however vary according to width of style and width of your foot.  Please talk to.. read more →

We currently have a Private Showroom in our home in Te Atatu Peninsula and you will need to phone or email for an appointment to come and try on shoes after hours or on weekends.  This means that you are not jostling for the attention of a shop assistant, plus you are being looked after.. read more →

Yes, please talk to us about what exactly you want to achieve and we can work out a suitable time to take your group together.  Costs will depend on group size and number of teachers required. read more →

You can either book into one of our Private Wedding Dance Courses or, if you have plenty of time, into one of our Social Dance Classes. Talk to us about your wedding dance and the music you want to dance to and we will be able to advise you as to which dance you could.. read more →

Your best option is to have some private lessons.  These are one-on-one private lessons with one of our teachers and you just learn the dance or dances that  you want to do.  Cost is $30/half hour per couple. read more →

This will depend upon how many others in your class wish to proceed and what other classes we have running at that particular time.  We can discuss this further with you during your course. read more →

No, you don’t have to have a partner but if you have one it makes life a lot easier for you with regards to practice.  We do have both men and women who come along on their own and when you enrol we will be able to give you an idea if there are any.. read more →

No, you don’t have to change partners unless you want to.  The majority of people joining our classes come along as couples and, unlike a lot of other teachers, we recognise the fact that you want to learn to dance together, not with strangers. read more →

Yes, definitely.  Unlike a lot of other teachers, we limit the numbers in our classes according to venue size and teachers available, so everyone gets a fair amount of tuition.  For this reason we need to plan ahead and know exactly how many clients we will be teaching at a given time. read more →