14 Mar 2013
March 14, 2013

How do I work out what size shoe I take?

All sizes for Werner Kern are equivalent to English, ie Ladies deduct 2.5 sizes from your NZ multiple fit size for closed-in style, 3 sizes smaller for open toed styles.  Men’s sizes are mostly equivalent to NZ sizes.  Size can however vary according to width of style and width of your foot.  Please talk to us about the style of shoe best suited to your foot type, we are happy to give advice on this.

You can also refer to sizing advice below giving sizing equivalents between multiple fit, European and English sizing,  or you can send us a drawing of your foot, just remember to put your weight on the foot being drawn around – it is best if you can get someone else to do this if possible.

If you can also measure the longest and widest part of your foot and mark this on the drawing it is helpful.  Please note that faxing or emailing the drawing of your foot can distort the size and that’s why we like to get a measurement as well.  The safest way is to post your foot drawing to us:

P O Box 45283
Te Atatu Peninsula
Auckland 0651